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Auto Glass Repair, Replacement, & Headlight Restoration

windshield replacement denton tx

We offer mobile auto glass repair, replacement & headlight restoration. We not only handle windshields, but also all the auto glass found in your car. Our expert certified technicians work hard to provide you with the most accurate replacements and top quality auto glass. All windshield, auto glass, & headlight restoration services come with a limited lifetime warranty!

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Whether you're looking  for a windshield repair near me, car door glass replacement near me, or a  windshield replacement near me, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with your service and parts. We provide limited lifetime warranty on all our products and services to ensure your peace of mind.

Our Quality Promise

windshield repair denton tx

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our shop only sources parts from reputable brands to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive.

Windshield Repair

Car Glass Express Windshield Repair Denton Tx

Windshield Repair (Rock Chip Repair)

  A Rock Chip Repair is when you get a rock or debris strike on your windshield leaving a small crack, star, bullseye, batwing or combination damage on your windshield. In most cases they can be repaired easily by a professional.

We suggest that if you get a damage on your windshield that you immediately: 

1) Cover the damage with a piece of CLEAR packing tape on the outside of the windshield only! 

2) DO NOT clean the windshield or run your wipers!

3) DO NOT Turn On your Defrost on either hot or cold air.

4) We Suggest you keep your car in a shaded area if at all possible!

5) Call a PROFESSIONAL Windshield Repair Shop ASAP!

  On the market there are DIY kit, but we suggest against this method of repairing your windshield as the kit does not have the adequate tools and you may not have enough experience to successfully repair a windshield correctly.

Our technicians are trained, certified and have over 15 years experience repairing windshields!

Windshield Repair In Denton Tx & Windshield Repair In Frisco Tx

Our Technicians Are Delta Kits & NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association) Certified & Trusted Technicians 

If you want it done right the first time call Car Glass Express!  

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Windshield Replacement

Car Glass Express Windshield Replacement Denton Tx

Windshield Replacement

  Windshield Replacement is the total replacement of your front windshield! Once upon a time it was a very easy thing to replace and for you the customer, easy to get a quote! Currently there is extensive training and tools needed to properly replace a windshield and calibrate the different systems like the Lane Departure Warning System or the Lane Keep Assist. 

  There are many guys out there who can replace your windshield but only a few can do it correctly! Our technicians are highly trained, certified, and have over 15 years experience with windshield replacement & the tools to correctly calibrate your vehicles systems! 

  It is important to properly identify what systems your vehicle is equipped with. 

Systems include : but not limited to

1) Electrochromatic rear-view mirror

2) Rain Sensor

3) Condensation Sensor / Humidity Sensor

4) Lane Departure Warning System

5) Lane Keep Assist

6) Forward Collision Alert

7) Heads Up Display

If you are unsure please call us and we can help!

A Car Glass Express Windshield Replacement is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against Water Leaks and Defects in the glass!

Windshield Replacement In Denton Tx & Windshield Replacement In Frisco Tx


Car Glass Express Windshield Replacement Technicians Are Auto Glass Safety Council AGRSS Certified Technicians 

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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

Auto Glass Repair denton tx

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement is the repair or replacement of all the other glass on your vehicle like:

1) Door Glass

2) Vent Glass

3) Quarter Glass

4) Back Glass or (Rear Windshield)

Make sure to check out our Windshield Repair & Windshield Replacement services as well

Auto Glass Replacement In Denton Tx & Auto Glass Replacement In Frisco Tx

Car Glass Express Technicians are all Auto Glass Safety Council AGRSS Certified  

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Headlight Restoration Service

Headlight Restoration  denton tx

Headlight Restoration

Our headlight restoration service takes cloudy, gritty, yellow, foggy headlights and restores them to "like new" condition! We prefer the headlights that are really bad, so if you got a pair of headlights that need restoring we got you covered we, love a challenge! 

Headlight Restoration In Denton Tx & Headlight Restoration In Frisco Tx

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